Purpose and Vision

The vision for the Envision Comanche project is to transform the identified portion of the 36th Street North corridor into a mixed-use, mixed-income community while ensuring a strict one-for-one replacement of all existing apartments at Comanche Park, a Housing Authority of the City of Tulsa (THA) property, with an end goal of highlighting, enhancing and improving economic and cultural diversity of this area of Tulsa.

Kicking off in October 2018, THA initiated a comprehensive resident-led, community supporting planning process with priority placed on minimizing the disruption to residents’ lives. Over the course of a year, residents, stakeholders, community partners and civic and non-profit organizations came together through over 30 planning meetings, four design charrettes, four community engagement events and multiple survey opportunities to establish a new vision for Comanche Park.

View an executive summary of the Envision Comanche master plan here. The final plan in its totality can be viewed here.

Planning Process Timeline

Planning Process

Projected Project Timeline